How to Crack GATE Exam Without Coaching Classes

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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is one of the most popular exams among students aspiring to seek admissions to the post-graduate engineering courses like M.Tech, M.E offered by the IITs, NITs, other GFTI, and various private institutions. It is one of the most popular engineering exams in the country that promises an admission in a good post graduate level course or a placement at some PSU. Fierce competition, vast syllabus, negative marking, all come together to make this one of the most dreaded exams in the country by students. Although there is no limit to the number of attempts in GATE, a failed attempt means loss of one year of life and career.

When beginning with the preparation for GATE, students face a common dilemma regarding taking a coaching. While academic assistance in the form of coaching can be fruitful to some, it does not work well in all the cases. GATE preparation in a coaching often is time-consuming, hardly relevant, and has a generalizing attitude towards students. However, looking at the tough-to-crack nature of the GATE exam, most students tend to fall for the coaching trap and pay huge sums of money.


In order to excel without coaching, you need to put in a lot of hard work. In order to save your time and money, we bring to you a step by step guide on How to crack GATE exam without coaching classes:

Know the Syllabus

Even before you begin the actual preparation you must be well aware of the GATE Syllabus and the Exam Pattern for your own branch. This works the same way as one needs to know the destination before beginning the journey. This includes close study of previous year’s papers and their analysis. This will allow you to gather an idea of topic wise weightage with GATE’s perspective.

Collect Good Reference Material

Get in touch with students who have appeared for GATE, experienced faculty, research online and join various groups and portals. All these things will help you find good study material and other relevant information related to GATE exam.

Schedule Your Study Plan for GATE Preparation

Divide your syllabus equally among the weeks left with you for preparation. Make sure you align the subjects in descending order of their weightage in your schedule, so as studying important topics first and rest later.

Efficient Time Management

Keeping complete control on your resources, you need to learn to manage your time efficiently, devoting at least 6-7 hours to study per day. Keep distractions at bay and stick to your study plan religiously. A simple math is to avoid any activity during the day that requires more than 15 mins of your time.

Clear Your Concepts

Clarity of the basic concepts is a must to solve all the questions in a competitive exam like GATE. Go through your old books to clear your basics and practice various concept based questions. This will help in clearing your doubts which you face in difficult and tricky questions.

Use Shortcuts and Tricks and Make Notes

With practice, you can develop sharp tricks and techniques to solve even the most difficult questions. Note them down separately and keep revising them. Make a separate notebook of formulas, theorems and other important stuff worth memorizing. This is a fine revision exercise that helps you at all stages.

Practice As Much As You Can

The one and only technique to handle most difficult of subjects is to practice it widely. Acknowledge your areas of weakness and then practice them often. Prepare each topic and solve MCQs related to each to access yourself. A large variety of mock tests is available here that aims at helping you through the practice method.

Make a habit of practicing for at least 5-6 hours daily and spare time for yourself. You do not need to waste your time and money by going to coaching classes in order to crack GATE exam. All you need is hard work and determination to keep going forward. Maintain a positive outlook and make efficient use of time. All the best!!

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